Welcome to Lucifer’s Catacombs!

This is a brand venture for the two of us, where we’ll be looking to get back to the roots of music. We hope you join us on this journey!

For us, Lucifer’s Catacombs will serve not only as an exploration and celebration of music, but that too of ancient cultures, mythology, history and nature and the inner-workings of the occult. From the mouths of two individuals who love their music hard, dark, and fast.

Join us on our journey into the enigmatic and mysterious catacombs of Lucifer. Here, we’ll uncover the untold stories of bands and their albums, by stripping away the layers of their art to discover the true meaning behind their music. We’ll be discussing the inspiration behind cover art, cross-cultural mythology, and hearing from the mouths of those who created it how these records came together; as well as how we as budding lovers of the arts have interpreted it.

We look forward to bringing you along on this journey with us.

~ Prat and Jon, “Lucifer’s Disciples”


All content is subject to copyright © 2016 by Lucifer’s Catacombs. All Rights Reserved.

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