Album Review: Saor – Guardians

By Jonathon Besanko With its band name taken from the Gaelic word for "free" and "unconstrained", Scottish-based atmospheric folk/black metal band Saor is one of the more rich and diverse bands of the genre. With a spirit heavily ingrained in the Scottish heart of the highlands, from its use of bagpipes to the choral symphonies that … Continue reading Album Review: Saor – Guardians

Analysing Album Art: Månegarm – Vredens Tid

By Jonathon Besanko At a glance, the cover to Vredens Tid, the fourth studio album from Swedish Viking metallers Månegarm (released 2005; with the cover art designed by Kris Verwimp), seems fairly standard fare for a Nordic-themed metal band. And you wouldn't be wrong. However, what does differentiate this album from its many peers is what the … Continue reading Analysing Album Art: Månegarm – Vredens Tid